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Western Red / Northern White Cedar (Thuja)


Bareroot hedging available November - March

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We have a smaller selection of potted hedging available over the spring and summer


Thuja plicata (Western Red Cedar)

A tall conifer with cinnamon-red bark and aromatic bright green leaves that are tinted bronze in winter. Thuja are vigorous, but are ideal for formal or informal hedging if clipped regularly (preferably twice a year in June and September). Thuja are shade tolerant and the growth rate is approx 18" per year.  Suitable for 6-10ft hedges. It also makes a neat specimen tree, reaching 40ft+ if left un-pruned.

Thuja occidentalis (White Cedar)

This is a less well known species of thuja. It shares many characteristics with Thuja plicata, however it is slightly ;ess vigorous, and a much shorter tree, with a thicker trunk. Long cones are produced, that start off green, gradually turning brown. Average height 30ft if left unpruned or 6-10ft if clipped as a hedge.


Rootballed Thuja plicata  - price per plant

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