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Dry Shade Perrenials


Most gardens will have a shady patch, this maybe caused by larger trees or buildings. if this happens to be bothe dry and shady some plants will struggle to thrive as they may receives a lack of light and nutrients. Below is a selection of plants which may be perfect for those dry shady areas. 

Plants growing under tree canopies often suffer from poor growing conditions. In heavily shaded situations they not only struggle from lack of light, but may be deprived of moisture and nutrients because of strong competition from the trees.


If your garden receives light shade or partial shade – perhaps receiving sunlight for two or three hours in early morning or late evening, there is a range of suitably shade-tolerant plants available, and with some summer moisture, it would be worth trying plants from our annuals, bulbs and perennials for shade and shrubs for shade pages.


Where the canopy is higher and soil moisture is good, it is possible to grow a wider range of  plants directly under the canopy. The main flowering will be in spring with plants such as bluebells, bergenia, lily-of-the-valley and hardy cyclamen clustered around the base of the trunk.


Planting under trees with low or spreading branches is more restricted, and it may only be possible to grow plants at the edges of the canopy. Common ivy is worth trying in even the gloomiest conditions.