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Japanese Maples at Bunkers Hill

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Ornamental Acers, also known as Japanese Maples are elegant, small trees with finely divided foliage in a myriad of greens, pinks and deep purples. They have a beautiful, arching habit and make perfect specimens for containers. Many varieties have variegated foliage, or several contrasting leaf colours on one tree. Japanese Maples are famous for their amazing autumn colours of deep and fiery reds, yellows and golds.

           acers1.jpg acers4.jpg

Above: Acers at the nursery, June 2016

Despite their delicate appearance, Acers are hardy and can be kept outside all year round. They like neutral or acid soil, and just need a sheltered spot away from cold winds. Plant in a partially shaded position, out of the mid-summer sun. A large container such as a half oak barrel makes a perfect home for a Japanese maple and, as they are slow growing, they are ideal for small gardens


We have a extensive compendium of varieties of Japanese maples at our Oxfordshire nursery, mainly during the summer months. They range from majestic 6ft mature trees to smaller 1.5ft plants, with a range of foliage colours and sizes to suit any garden. Come and visit us at the nursery to see our full range 

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