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Winter Bedding Plants

Winter Bedding

As autumn is upon us, the time has come to brighten up tubs and beds with a cornucopia of colourful winter bedding plants. Winter pansies will keep flowering throughout autumn and winter, cheering up the dreariest of winter days. We have a multitude of pansies and violas at the nursery so come and take advantage of our special offers

polyanthus-glen-bowman-cc-by-2.0-.jpg cyclamen.jpg pansies3.jpg

Cyclamen are can be planted out but are not hardy so best  to keep them inside for continual flowering throughout the whole season. Colourful heathers are another good option for injecting winter colour in the garden, and will continue to thrive outside year after year - you'll find a dazzling selection at the nursery.


Bareroot wallflowers here for a limited time - first come first served

       wallflowers-jaythegardener-cc-by-2.0-.jpg erysimum5.jpg

Autumn is the time plant out bareroot wallflowers for a riot of colour come the springtime.