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Bird Seed and Logs


Birdseed available for local delivery

Due to coronavirus we are no longer offering nationwide delivery or collection, however we are offering extensive local deliveries. The delivery cost starts at £5 (cost is dependent on postcode, you can calculate delivery cost when you view your shopping cart). It is a flat rate for however many items you buy. Visit our 'Seasonal Page' for up to date stock of pots, plants and more (more products being added all the time)


Johnson & Jeff's Bird Seed

We're sure the birds in your garden will be delighted to hear that we stock a dizzying selection of bird seed and nuts here at our Oxfordshire Nursery, to keep all manner of birds well-fed throughout the year. We also sell a great selection of bird feeders, fat balls and meal worms.

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We weigh-up the smaller quantities of birdseed ourselves while you wait. This means that we can offer the best prices around, as well as flexibility on quantity. You can even bring your own containers for us to fill up from the bulk bags kept in the old red phone box

Mixed Seed:60p per kg | Black Sunflower:£1.20 per kg

Hearts, Niger, Robin Mix:£1.50 per kg l  Nuts £1.80 per kg



*Please note: Unlike our larger bulk sacks of bird seed, our 5kg bags of seed, that are available for delivery, include VAT, as we have had to transfer the seed into our own packaging to deliver it to you (complicated VAT rules on food items!). This is why the 5kg bags are a little more expensive than the prices below and the prices you would normally find at the nursery.



Wild Bird Seed

A blend of quality bird seed,

perfect for feeders

60p per kg
Bird Nuts

Premium grade peanuts

with a high calorie content.

£1.80 per kg

Sunflower Hearts

A high energy food,

loved by most songbirds.

£1.50 per kg

Nijer Seed

Ideal for siskins, finches

and rarer small birds.

Special feeder needed.

£1.50 per kg

Black Sunflower Seeds

Rich in nourishing oils

and loved by most birds.

£1.20 per kg

Robin Mix

The perfect mix for Robins

and small songbirds

£1.50 per kg

Suet blocks

High energy food with

added mealworms and insects

£1.25 each


Fat Balls

High energy food for all birds.

Perfect for winter

6 for £1

New in stock!

'Pillow Wad' straw, hay and

shavings as well as feed

for chickens, ducks etc.

Pillow Wad prices

Hay £3 now £2

Straw £3 now £2

Shavings £4.50 now £3