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Events & Fundraising

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Fundraising in the Memory of Jack Leaning 

Tragically in March 2017 Andrew & Liz lost their beautiful son Jack due to a short period of mental illness at the age of 23. In order to turn their darkest days into brighter ones for others in similar situations, Jack’s family & friends have been raising money for the mental health charity Mind & the local charity Restore who helped Jack when he was struggling.

We have completed many events & have raised an amazing amount of money for both charities, we are grateful to all our amazing friends and customers who have supported us so far and for future events - your kindness means so much to us, please help in any way you can.


CLICK HERE to donate to Mind through Jack's Memory Space


Wildflower Meadow 2019 


Wild flower meadow walk at Bunkershill Plant Nursery.

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