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Oak Barrels & Tubs and Waterbutts


Whole and half oak whiskey barrels

Our oak barrels are sturdy and versatile. They are ideal for planting up with all sorts of perennials, bedding, shrubs and even small trees. The whole barrels are great as high pub-style tables or as waterbutts. We always have a range of sizes of barrels available at the nursery - just give us a call or email before you order to make sure that we have the exact size that you require in stock at the moment.

Great Value Recycled Waterbutts

Our strong, durable waterbutts can not only be used to save you water and help help the environment by doing so, but they also have a mutitude of other uses. A few of our suggestions: Storage for animal feed, brewing cider, raft-making, planting trees in (cut in half to create two large pots), and clothes storage. The lids are airtight and watertight and they can easily be fitted with a tap.