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Pots and Planters



Yorkshire Pots

Claystone Pot - Rousham

Claystone Pots


Tuscan & Plain Terracotta Pots

 Over the spring and summer months we have a great range of terracotta and claystone pots.

Spring 2019 - Huge sale on Yorkshire pot 'seconds!'

We stock Yorkshire pot 'seconds' at amazing value prices. These fine looking terracotta pots are produced by experienced and skilled craftspeople using a unique firing process that results in an incredibly strong and 100% frost-proof flower pot - guaranteed for a lifetime! These 'seconds' have small blemishes which just add to their character.

Pop into the nursery or contact us for prices and sizes (stock changes rapidly so they are not listed online)


Heavy Duty Plastic Pots 

Our giant plastic pots prove to be ever-popular and come in a dizzyling range of shapes and sizes. We stock a good selection at the nursery, with lots more sizes available to order. They are perfect for mature trees and shrubs. These extra large, heavy duty pots come with two tier drainage holes to ensure tree roots do not get waterlogged.

A few sizes are listed below or CLICK HERE for a full price and size guide