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Yorkshire Frost-proof Pots

Yorkshire Pots

Our Yorkshire Flowerpots are made by the UK’s leading manufacturer of high quality natural clay products, in business for over 120 years. We offer both contemporary and classic designs which are handcrafted from natural clay.

  small-beehive-pot-14.99.jpg  large-flowerpot2-44.99.jpg  plain-pot-43cm-15.99.jpg

Yorkshire pots are durable and frost proof up to –15°, not just frost resilient as many pale & pasty imports are. These warm Terracotta pots come with a unique Lifetime Guarantee and are 100% environmentally friendly.The clay has been fired in excess of 1050° centigrade.

 Please note: Our Yorkshire pots are only available for collection or local delivery due to the high risk of damage during transit

All pots are subject to availability (please phone first to check stock especially if travelling from afar).