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Latest stock list of rare plants, June 2019


Below is a summary of all the exciting, rare and unusual plants that we have in the nursery this summer. The list was updated in early June 2019 and may be subject to change! Have a browse and feel free to contact us for more info on any of the plants and also for availability, sizes and prices.

Plant Name

Latin and Common)


Acacia retinoides


Mimosa, Silver Wattle

A large evergreen shrub or small tree with long willow-like, silvery-green soft leaves. Bright yellow clusters of round, fragrant yellow flowerheads are produced along the branches from January to April. Average height 20ft, spread 15ft. Full sun. Hardy in a sheltered position.

Aesculus neglecta ‘Autumn Fire’


Sunrise Horse Chestnut

An unusual and compact variety with leaves that emerge a coppery red and turn green as the summer progresses. In autumn the foliage goes a striking medley of reds and oranges. Panicles of white flowers emerge in May. Average height in 20 years: 12ft, spread 9ft. Full sun/partial shade. Hardy.

Aesculus pavia ‘Koehei’


Dwarf Horse Chestnut

An extremely unusual dwarf variety of horse chestnut tree. It is a very slow growing multi-stemmed shrub, reaching an eventual height of just 3m. The large dark green leaves are deeply divided and it produces candle-like flowers in spring that are loved by bees. Full sun/partial shade. Hardy.

Akebia quinata

‘Amethyst Glow


Chocolate Vine

Unusual variety of Chocolate Vine. A semi-evergreen climber. Attractive leaves, dark green above, blue-green beneath, are purple tinged in winter. Fragrant racemes of apple-blossom pink flowers, that turn purple over time, are borne from March to April. Average height 15ft+. Full sun. Hardy.

Albizia ‘Summer Chocolate’

A striking small tree with finely cut, fern-like deep purple to bronze foliage. Feathery purple and white flowers are produced in summer. The leaves form a domed canopy when mature. Can be planted outside (hardy to -5 C) or in a cool conservatory. Eventual height and spread 18ft. Full Sun.

Amelanchier ‘La Paloma’



An excellent new variety of Amelanchier with larger, slightly pendulous flowers. The racemes of white flowers are produced in April to May, followed by purple-black fruit in June to August. The leaves take on bright autumn colours. Particularly compact - only grows to 13-16ft. Full sun/partial shade. Hardy. Excellent small specimen tree

Ampelopsis ‘Chinese Lace’

A really unusual climber with very attractive, deeply divided foliage. It is strong growing and thrives in most soils. Produces masses of small white flowers in summer and has stunning autumn colour. Average height 15ft+. Full sun/partial shade. Hardy.

Betula costata


Korean Birch

An unusual birch known for its beautiful, pinky white peeling bark. The bark is creamy white, with tints of pink and starts to peel after around 3 years. Long, dark green leaves that turn yellow in autumn. Yellow-brown catkins in spring. Average height (if left un pruned) 50ft. Full sun/partial shade. Hardy.

Betula ermanii ‘Blush’


Erman’s Birch

A medium tree that grows in a neat, pyramidal shape. The bark is a creamy white, tinged with pink. Dark green, heart-shaped leaves emerge very early in the spring, and turn a stunning yellow in autumn. Average height 40-50ft. Full sun/partial shade. Hardy.

Calycanthus ‘Venus’


Carolina Allspice

A large branching shrub with dark green aromatic leaves, that turn yellow in autumn. Exotic looking fragrant flowers which are white with burgundy centres, are produced from June to July among the glossy foliage and often again later in the summer. Average height and spread 6ft. Partial Shade. Hardy

Cenolophium denudatum

A beautiful perennial with finely cut mid green leaves. Tall flat umbellifers made up of hundreds of tiny greenish-white flowers are produced on tall stems above the foliage in June and July. The stems sometimes take on a purple-ish tint. Loved by insects and good for a wildlife garden. Average height 4-5ft, spread 2ft. Full or partial shade. Hardy.

Cercidiphyllum japonicum ‘Rotfuchs’


Katsura Tree

An unusual and striking variety of small tree with deep purple, heart-shaped leaves, that emerge a brighter red. The foliage turns a orange-red in autumn. It also gives out a delicious caramel smell in autumn. The shape in fairly narrow, slightly spreading with age. Average height 24-30ft. Full Sun/Partial Shade. Hardy.

Cestrum elegans

A very free flowering evergreen shrub with arching stems and narrow grey-green leaves. The stunning flowers are bright red and tubular and borne in clusters from June to August. Ideal for growing in a conservatory as needs winter protection. Average height 9ft.

Chamaecyparis ‘Dik’s Weeping’


Lawson Cypress

Lawson Cypress. A very unusual variety of conifer with an exceptionally narrow habit. The top section of the tree hangs down in an elegant pendulous shape. The silvery blue/green needles create a year-round feature. Good for a small space. Average height after 10 years 12-18ft. Hardy.

Chionanthus retusus


Chinese Fringe Tree

An unusual and highly attractive small tree which produces an abundance of small white, scented flowers in spring, followed by damson-like fruits which are loved by birds. The foliage is rounded and turns yellow in autumn. Attractive dark brown peeling bark creates a winter feature. Full sun/partial shade. Hardy.

Cornus kousa ‘Schmetterling’



A beautiful small tree with dark green foliage which turns a lovely medley of reds and orange in autumn. A profusion of long lasting long-lasting large white bracts smothers the tree in spring, followed by strawberry-like fleshy red fruit. Needs acid soil so add ericaceous compost when planting. Average height 20ft, spread 15ft. Full sun. Hardy.

Coronilla glauca ‘Citrina’

A small evergreen shrub with blue-green leaves and umbels of fragrant, bright yellow flowers in late winter and again in late summer, followed by slender seed pods. Average height and spread 3ft.Full sun in a sheltered position. Hardy.

Crinodendron hookerianum


Lantern Tree

A stiffly branched evergreen shrub with toothed narrow dark green leaves. Attractive lantern-shaped scarlet to deep carmine-pink flowers produced from April to August. Grow against a sheltered wall. Average height 12ft (if left unpruned) Full sun in a sheltered spot

Daphniphyllum himalense var. macropodum

An exotic-looking evergreen shrub with long, dark green, glossy rhododendron-like leaves. Male and female plants produce flowers on separate plants - deep pink/purple petal-less flowers on male, and green on female. Average height 20ft. Full sun/partial shade. Hardy.

Davidia involucrata


Handkerchief Tree, Ghost Tree, Dove Tree.

Handkerchief Tree, Ghost Tree, Dove Tree. An unusual tree that is stunning in late spring when covered in long lasting white bracts that resemble handkerchiefs that flutter in the wind. A conical tree with red-stalked, heart-shaped, mid-green leaves. Average height 50ft+. Full sun/partial shade. Hardy.

Eriobotrya japonica

‘Copper Tone’



A vigorous spreading tree with bold pointed dark purple-green glossy leaves that emerge a brighter red. Large panicles of fragrant white flowers are produced over winter between November and February followed by pear-shaped edible, orange-yellow fruit. Average height and spread 25ft. Full sun, Hardy in most winters (fleece in exposed position)

Erythrina crista=galli


Christ’s Tears

A rare and beautiful woody small tree with leathery mid green leaves. Produced highly unusual pea-like bright red flowers in summer and autumn. Average height 5-7ft, spread 3-5ft. Full sun in sheltered position. Hardy but may die down in winter.

Euonymus hamiltonianus ‘Koi Boy’



An unusual shrub that is known for its white seed capsules that open to reveal bright orange-red seeds inside which creates a wonderful feature in late summer & autumn. The foliage turns a golden yellow in autumn Full sun, Hardy. Tolerant of a wide range of soils including chalk.

Fagus sylvatica ‘Asplenifolia’


Cut-Leaved Beech

Cut-leaved Beech. A large tree with deeply serrated long leaves that turn an attractive copper colour in autumn. The unusual foliage makes this a beautiful specimen tree. Average height 30ft+. Full sun/partial shade. Hardy.

Fagus sylvatica ‘Aurea Pendula’

Golden Weeping Beech

An elegant weeping tree with wavy margined leaves, golden yellow at first, maturing to a green-yellow in summer. It has a tall central leader with the laterals weeping down from the trunk, sometimes reaching the floor. It remains narrow as it matures. Average height 45ft. Hardy.

Fargeia robusta ‘Pingwu’


Umbrella Bamboo

A small, clump-forming bamboo with canes yellow-green at first becoming yellow. The foliage is narrow and bright green and is retained well over winter. This variety is compact and non-invasive and will reach an eventual height of 12ft. Partial shade. Hardy.

Frangula alnus ‘Fine Line’

An unusual and excellent foliage shrub with an upright habit that has narrow grass-like leaves that emerge in spring in feathery cascades. The foliage turns a bright yellow in autumn. Small green/yellow flowers are produced, followed by lblack berries that are loved by the birds. Average height 7ft, spread 3ft. Full sun/partial shade. Hardy.

Halesia carolina


Silver Bell, Snowdrop Tree

A spreading tree with mid-green leaves turning yellow in autumn. Clusters of pendent bell-shaped white flowers are produced just before the leaves from April to May, followed by four-winged green fruit in June. Average height 12ft+. Full sun/partial shade. Hardy.

Holboellia latifolia


Sausage Vine

A vigorous climber with twining stems and bright green, ovate leaves. Clusters of small white, often purple-tinged, flowers are produced from May to June. These are often followed by sausage-shaped fruits. Average height 15ft. Full sun/partial shade. Needs some winter protection.

Hydrangea aspera ‘macrophylla’

A magnificent shrub with large heads of lacecap porcelain-blue flowers surrounded by white bracts. The large leaves are soft and velvety. This large spreading shrub makes a stunning specimen. Average height/spread 10ft.

Jasminum mesnyi


Primrose Jasmine

A tall open shrub, which can climb given support, with glossy, deep green leaves, each dived into 3 leaflets. It produces semi-double bright yellow flowers in spring and summer. Average height 5-7ft. Full sun/partial shade. Hardy.

Koelreutia paniculata ‘Coral Sun’

Golden-rain Tree, Star of India

A spreading tree with leaves emerging a strong red-pink, then turning mid-green. Small yellow flowers are followed by bladder-like pink or red flushed fruit. The stems are dark red. Average height and spread 25ft. Full sun. Hardy.

Liquidambar styraciflua ‘Worplesdon’


Sweet Gum

A broadly conical, deciduous tree with deeply divided, glossy leaves, turning purple then orange-yellow in autumn. Leaves are followed by mace-like fruit clusters Average height 18ft in 10 years. Average eventual height 80ft. Full sun. Hardy. Makes a fine specimen tree or excellent in a woodland.

Mahonia sinensis


Oregon Grape

A highly unusual mahonia with an upright, compact habit. The spines are less spiky than many other types. Bright yellow spikes of flowers are produced in autumn/early winter followed by blue berries. Average height and spread 3-4ft. Partial Shade. Hardy.

Malus trilobata


Lebanese Wild Apple

A rare small tree in the apple family that has 3-lobed leaves, that resemble a maple. The foliage turns a stunning rich red in autumn. This tree is slow growing and has a neat upright habit making in idea for small gardens. Average height 18ft. Hardy

Mathiasella bupleriodes ‘Green Dream’

A lovely and unusual perennial that produces clusters of light green, very long lasting bracts that contain clusters of tiny white flowers. The flowerheads are produced in spring and gradually dry and turn pink. They persist on the plant until autumn, and are highly decorative. Hardy but must not be allowed to get too wet during winter. Average height 3ft, spread 2ft.

Metasequoia glyptostrobiodes ‘Goldrush’

Golden Dawn Redwood

Introduced to Britain in 2000, this fast-growing form has beautiful, golden-yellow foliage all summer. A narrow growing conifer with all the virtues of its parent. Average height 15ft in 10 years (eventual height 50ft+). Full sun/partial shade. Hardy.'

Parrotia persica ‘Persian Spires


Persian Ironwood

The foliage on this large shrub/small tree emerges a deep purple before the leaves turn green with purple edges in summer. In autumn in turns a striking bright yellow. A new compact form with a narrow, upright habit, perfect for small gardens. Average height 9ft, spread 3ft. Full sun/partial shade. Hardy.

Paulownia fargesii


Foxglove Tree

A rare, handsome tree with very large bright green leaves that reach up to 25cm in diameter. panicles of pretty pale lilac foxglove-like flowers are borne in spring. Average height 25ft, spread 15ft. Full sun. Hardy if planted in a sunny sheltered pot in well drained soil.

Phlomis anatolica


Jerusalem Sage

A majestic, mound-forming, shrub with grey-green leaves, woolly beneath. Dark golden yellow flowers are borne in whorls up tall stems from June to July. Average height 4ft. Full sun. Hardy.

Pileostegia viburnoides

A self-clinging, evergreen climber with glossy dark green leaves. It produces panicles of tiny, creamy white starry flowers with conspicuous stamens from August to November. Average height 12ft+. Full sun/partial shade. Hardy.

Pinus patula


Mexican Weeping Pine

A spreading conifer with reddish brown bark and pendent shiny, light green needle-like leaves that hang in pendant clusters. Although it can grow to a height of 30ft it can be pruned and shaped easily. Full sun/partial shade. Hardy but likes a sheltered position.

Prunus padus ‘Le Thoureil’


Bird Cherry

A new variety which is particularly floriferous and has semi-double flowers. A spreading tree with dark green leaves that turn red or yellow in autumn. Pretty, cup-shaped, fragrant, white flowers are produced from April to May, followed by glossy blue-black fruit in June which are loved by birds. Average height 30ft. Full sun. Hardy

Pterocarya rhoifolia

Japanese Wing Nut

A large, vigorous spreading tree in the walnut family, with divided dark green leaves. Pendent spikes of small green winged fruit are produced in summer. Average height   50ft+. Full sun. Hardy

Punica grabatum ‘Plena’



An attractive flowering shrub or small tree with bright orangey-scarlet double flowers that are borne among the narrow green leaves from June to August. Flowers are followed by sweet edible fruit in warm conditions. Average height 12ft. Bring indoors during winter

Ribes laurifolium ‘Amy Doncaster’


Flowering Currant

Unusual Flowering Currant that is smaller than many other varieties. A semi-evergreen shrub with leathery dark green leaves. Clusters of pendent cup-shaped, greenish yellow flowers hang from the branches in late winter and early spring. Average height 5ft, spread 6ft. Full sun. Hardy.

Romneya coulteri


Tree Poppy

An unusual and beautiful upright, deciduous sub-shrub with grey-green leaves and cup-shaped white flowers with prominent yellow stamens, that resemble poppies, from June to August. Average height 5-6ft. Full sun. Hardy in a sheltered spot

Rosa x odorata ‘Mutabalis’


China Rose

A china shrub rose with glossy dark green leaves. Pretty single, copper-yellow flowers, changing to pink and finally to coppery crimson are produced in summer. Average height 8ft, spread 6ft. Flowers June to August. Full sun in a sheltered position. Hardy.

Staphlea colchica


Colchis bladdernut

A rare and unusual large shrub that produces panicles of bell0-shaped creamy white flowers that are followed by distinctive balloon-like seed heads. Average height/spread 12ft. Hardy

Stewartia monodelphia

A beautiful, small tree with attractive cinnamon coloured flaking bark. The dark green leaves turn a fiery orange in autumn. Cup-shaped camellia-like white flowers are borne from June to July. Average height 26ft, spread 16ft. Full sun/partial shade. Acid loving (plant in ericaceous soil). Hardy but young leaves need protection from late spring frosts


Styrax Japonica


Japanese Snowbell

A graceful spreading tree with glossy green leaves, turning yellow or red in autumn. A profusion of scented, pretty bell-shaped white flowers are produced along the undersides of the branches from June to July. Average height 25ft. Full sun/partial shade. Hardy

Syringa laciniata

A really unusual and graceful lilac which has attractive, divided, dark green foliage. Scented loose panicles of light purple flowers are produced on the arched branchlets in spring. Particularly heat-tolerant and mildew-resistant. Average height 6-8ft. Full sun/partial shade. Hardy

Trachelospermum asiaticum ‘Golden Memories’

Star Jasmine

A small twining climber with glossy yellow leaves. Pure white star-shaped flowers with a strong sweet scent are borne from mid to late summer. Average height 6ft, spread 5ft. Flowers July to August. Partial shade. Hardy

Viburnum ‘Le bois Marquis’

An unusual semi-evergreen viburnum with lance-shaped dark green leaves that are tinted red in spring and autumn. Flattened heads of white flowers clothe the shrub in May/June and are followed by berries. Average height 5-6ft. Prefers acid to neutral soil. Full sun/partial shade. Hardy

Viburnum plicatum ‘Watanabe’

A deciduous, multi-stemmed shrub with horizontal branching giving it a striking layered appearance when in flower. This variety is more upright and conical in habit than mariesii. The large, flat-topped heads of white flowers are produced in May. Average height 6-8ft. Full sun/partial shade.

Zanthoxylum simulans


Szechuan Pepper

A rare tree or large shrub that produces flowers that turn into bright red berries that are used to produce pepper. It has very unusual spiny bark and attractive, divided leaves. Average height 21ft. Full sun/partial shade, damp soil. Hardy



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