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Walter's Wildflower Meadow & nature trail



VISIT WALTER’S MEADOW - now closed until next year

£2 entry few to wildlife trust BBOWT or Mind

*closed Tuesdays. No booking required

At the back of the nursery through a little wooden gate step back in time to over 100 years ago when the view of a meadow was commonplace.


A field that was up until recently farmland, has been transformed into a grass & wildflower meadow called Walter's Meadow - named after Old Walter the water tower who watches over it.



 The diversity of flowers & grasses such as clover, meadow foxtail, cornflowers, poppies, knapweed etc. provide the habitat for thousands of insects including bees, beetles, grasshoppers, dragonflies & more!


It supports pollinators such as wasps, hoverflies, butterflies & bumblebees which are currently in steep decline. 


In turn the vast variety of insects & seeds provide the food for birds, bats, hedgehogs and other animals.


Sadly in the UK we have lost around 97% of our wildflower meadows. We are hoping after experiencing the beauty of our meadow you may transform an area of your garden or neighbourhood into a little wild patch. 



* no dogs allowed in the meadow (they are very welcome in the nursery though)


In addition we are also running a children's hunt in the nursery - Humphrey's Summer Hunt! Certificate & prize given at end.



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