Fair Deal Guarantee

Bunkers Hill ‘Fair Deal’ Plant Guarantee


We guarantee all plants to be free from pests and diseases when purchased. Once planted however we are not able to cover subsequent airborne problems like aphids and blight etc, also soil pathogens such as honey fungus, all of which are beyond our control (as is the weather).


Hardy Container Grown Plants

If you have any concerns about the health of a plant in the few weeks after purchase, please contact us straight away. If you are confident that you have given the plant the conditions and care required, and that the fault is with the plant itself, then we can replace it or refund within 12 months of purchase (a receipt is required). We may offer a half price replacement if there is a possibility that the plant has died due to outside factors including watering,unsuitable soil conditions or aspect. We do not offer the above guarantee on annuals and short lived plants, or plants not considered fully hardy by the R.H.S. Guide (these plants are often considered tender in extreme/average winters and may need fleecing). However we will always be reasonable so don't hesitate to contact us if you do have a problem.


Bare Rooted and Rootball Deciduous Trees, Hedging and Plants

These are sold dormant during the winter. We guarantee to replace any that fail to come into new leaf in the spring provided that they have been correctly planted and maintained (plus proof of purchase). Replacements will be offered if available or in the following winter season ,or alternatively a credit note can be offered and used on other plants. Once plants have leafed (thus showing the plant had an adequate root system) responsibility then transfers to the customer to continue to provide sufficient water as and when required and no automatic replacement is then offered. Most plants fail due to periods of dryness but overwatering is possible, dependent on the soil and weather.



Large Homegrown Specimens (i.e. big Conifers, Standards and Pleached trees)

We have lovingly grown and repotted these trees over several years. We have maintained them on a daily basis so that they are strong, healthy and raring to go. We would be very disappointed should they fail due to customer neglect or not fully understanding their needs to establish well. Please talk to us regarding planting staking, feeding and watering requirements as these specimens are expensive and are solely the customers responsibility once they have been purchased and left the nursery.

Rootballed Yews

These are grown in Holland by specialist growers and are lifted to order. Yews by their nature are known to be tricky to establish and for this reason we require any complaints regarding quality to be given in writing within 7 days of delivery. We have no guarantee as such should they fail later but please contact us should you have problems during the growing season for advice and we may be able to help with a special discount off replacements the following autumn. Please note: Yews are particularly vulnerable to over-watering but of course care must be taken not to allow excessive dryness until the roots grow into the surrounding soil during the first spring and summer. Due to our wholesale prices and slim margins sadly we are not able to fully replace. The hessian sacking MUST be left on the rootball when planting.

Rootballed Evergreens including laurels etc.

Evergreens such as laurels are one of the easier evergreens to transplant from a rootball and rarely do customers get any losses as they will stand a certain amount of neglect or variable weather fluctuations. But please follow our guide to planting and watering to get best results (click here for our watering guide). We will replace any losses the following autumn at half the price paid (proof of purchase required). The hessian sacking MUST be left on the rootball when planting.


All plants will need careful planting and watering during the first year especially during the spring and summer- please see the watering guide at the end. Unfortunately we are not able to automatically replace plants that show signs of neglect or overwatering. We will however always consider meeting halfway with a part or half price replacement in order to maintain continued good will between us and our valued customers (who have tried their best, our offer unfortunately is not extended for deliberate neglect and adverse weather conditions).


We are keen to give helpful advice relating to any plants not thriving, just call in with a picture or branch and ask for myself Andrew, or Simon the manager. Alternatively email Gemma at


Our guarantee is limited to the plants purchased and does not cover additional costs such as labour or transport.


Our ‘fair deal’ guarantee means that we don’t charge inflated prices like many big garden centres. If it’s our fault we are happy to replace, if it’s not then we will do what we can to lessen the burden of a replacement for you our valued customer.


We hope that you will continue to shop with us for many years to come.


With kind regards,



P.S. Please contact me personally if you don’t get the complete satisfaction you expect.



Quick Watering Guide

  • Water well at intervals rather than little and often.
  • A good volume soak 2 or 3 times a week, but more or less as needed
  • Increase in hot or windy weather
  • Evergreens may need water in the winter from time to time.
  • Plants in pots need checking often (each day in spring and summer or if pot bound).
  • Understand your plants and give them T.L.C