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​Choosing the perfect rose for your garden

Posted by Emma S on

Don’t know your Hybrid Tea from your Rambler? Your Floribunda from your Shrub rose? There are 179 different varieties on offer in the Bunkers Hill Rose Emporium. Choose the right type of rose for your garden with our quick guide below.

Hybrid Tea roses are bush roses and ideal for formal rose beds or a border. They are easily distinguished by their large flowers with tall, bud-like centres, usually with just one perfect bloom on each stem. Many beautiful colours are available and most varieties will flower repeatedly throughout the summer.

Floribunda roses bear groups of flowers in a bush, providing an abundance of colour in the garden over many months. They shine especially well in a mixed border. Although they are not normally scented, Floribunda roses are not as difficult to grow as Hybrid Teas, being particularly hardy and disease resistant.

Climbers are vigorous roses with stiff stems that can be trained onto solid frames or structures to introduce romantic boughs of foliage and blooms at different heights in the garden. A wide canvas of colours is available and many climbing roses will flower repeatedly.

Ramblers differ to climbers due to their long and flexible shoots which make them easy to train onto a variety of supports. They’ll soon cover a wall, shed or tree in vigorous growth and most bear abundant blooms once a year.

Old roses such as Gallica and Damask roses are known for their exquisite fragrance. Their showy blooms come in a range of opulent shades which flower once a year in a spectacular display.

Groundcover and spreading roses will quickly create a low growing carpet of blooms, covering up bare patches of ground with swathes of colour in summer.

Shrub roses are larger and more informal than Floribundas and Hybrid Teas. They have a huge range of habits and blooms - many are tall and arching and some can be trained as climbers. They give a wonderful, natural feel in the garden.

Patio roses are simply miniature relatives of their bigger cousins, with equally elegant blooms and foliage but in a more compact shape that is ideal for small spaces or containers.

David Austin roses were originally developed to combine the beauty and fragrance of old roses with the prolific flowering habits and robustness of modern Hybrid Tea and Floribunda roses. David Austin has since developed a well deserved reputation for producing extremely high quality rose plants.


Bunkers Hill Rose Emporium – 179 varieties of Bare root roses now in stock!

You’ll find a vast range of healthy bare root roses with strong stems and a well formed root system carefully pruned by our experienced staff.  Roses for mail order delivery are packed with generous amounts of damp moss around the roots to ensure they do not dry out in transit. 

Why bare root? Lifting roses for sale 'bare rooted' in the autumn is a safe way to transport the dormant plants and means we can offer them at very economical prices in the nursery and for nationwide delivery.

Why plant in the autumn? Planting now gives the roots plenty of time to settle and establish in their new plating position and will ensure healthy, vigorous growth next spring.

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