Pumpkin Hunt 2022 - results

Posted by Bunkers Hill Plant Nursery on 3rd Nov 2022

Pumpkin season is over...what a busy October it has been, with lots of little (& big) Pumpkin Hunters exploring the nursery & meadow!

We are pleased to announce that with your help we raised an incredible £5,149.78 for the mental health charities Mind & Restore.


This year we had the addition of 'Straw-henge' and 'Sydney Snail's Stone Maze' in Old Walter's Meadow. 


The Ugly Mug Pumpkin Parade was renamed as 'Handsome Heroes & the Ugly Mug Pumpkin Parade' which had some new members of the crew this year. The was a scandal which made the local papers too! 

One of our favourites, 'Green Goddess' was snatched from her fellow HHUG Parade crew members. A reward of £50 was issued for her return and our loyal followers on social media turned into sofa-sleuths on the lookout for clues of when she went missing. Unfortunately, she has yet to return but fingers crossed she'll make an appearance next year.


Our 'Guess the weight of Big Bertha & Tiny Tim' was popular again this year with hundreds of guesses. Tiny Tim almost made it through the season without going missing but vanished on the last day! 

In a spooktacular turn of events, one person guessed the exact combined weight of Big Bertha & Tiny Tim who weighed an impressive 45.25kg (99.9lbs or 7.12 stone) however, they decide to give it to the next closest guess which made the lucky winners Chris & Jack who guessed 45.3kg! They braved the rainy Halloween eve to come to collect Big Bertha and take her home. Well done!


Thank you for your support in making this event a success! 

It will return next year for even more pumpkin-tastic fun

The Bunkers Hill Pumpkin Team