Weekly newsletter - 19th April 2024

Posted by Lucy on 22nd Apr 2024

News from the nursery:

This week at the nursery, the team has been on a mission of potting & tidying in preparation for the warmer weather. Now is the last chance for bareroot & rootball hedging or trees as they will all soon be potted up. At the nursery any potting we do uses Melcourt peat-free compost & we re-use our pots/bags that are part of our pot recycling scheme from previous trees sold ?.
Please note: we only take back pots that have come from us originally & are larger than 5L so we can re-use them.

If you are visiting us this week keep a listen out for the woodpecker that is doing lots of tapping in the surrounding woodland & trees. You will also spot lots of the birds, like the resident robins, collecting sticks & leaves to make nests.

From now onwards there will be lots of new stock arriving each week (usually on a Thursday & Friday) so keep a look on our 'New In This Week'to see what is now at the nursery. In the next couple of weeks we will be getting all of our bedding plants, aquatic plants, more climbers & perennials like salvias.

This week's DEEBEE is the Bird of Paradise plant (Strelitzia Reginae). The perfect houseplant for bringing a tropical flair to your home with its striking colours of orange & purple. They get their name from the similarity of a bird taking flight. They are best grown in a sunny spot & allow them to dry out between watering. If you want to pamper your plant you can mist it every few days and stand it on a tray of pebbles to increase humidity.

This week's highlights: Japanese acers, syringa (lilacs), hostas, hardy ferns, Daffodil 'Jetfire' £1.50, herbs, tulips, wisterias, ceanothus, fairy magnolias, topiary & more!

Some jobs for the garden:
* Train in new growth on honeysuckles and clematis
* Deadhead daffodils & tulips once they've finished flowering
* Protect fruit blossom from late frosts
* Pot up houseplants or feed to boost growth

Wishing you all the best
Andrew, Liz, Lucy & Simon
P.S. Last week or so of the tulip festival ?