Weekly newsletter (22.03.2024)

Posted by Lucy on 23rd Mar 2024

News from the nursery:

As you arrive to the nursery this weekend you will see a wondrous sight...a striking display of colorful tulips in our Yorkshire pots. You'll be inspired to create a colourful display in your own garden so why not choose some of our bargain instant potted 'Pina Colada' tulips that are on the milk float at £5 or some stripy 'Cape Cod' for just £1. As well as tulips, the nursery is full of other spring bulbs such as miniature daffodils, muscari, fritillary as well as some clearance potted bulbs for just 50p.

The nursery has begun to undergo its spring transformation with the last of the bareroot hedging moving to the back of the nursery to make space for new perennials. The herb area has been revamped & is fully stocked with lots of culinary delights. Florence the milk float has had a wash & is proudly on display outside the flower shop. Why not sit & have a cup of tea amongst the plants and listen to the birds who are making the most of the spring sunshine.

We have a large selection of Yorkshire Flowerpots that are are incredible prices! They are British-made and 100% frost-proof, as they're made from local natural red clay that is fired to the highest temperatures to ensure they have a toughness to endure the rigours of a British winter. View our range on our website or pop into the nursery to select your favourite ones!

This week's highlights: Magnolias, cherry blossom, cowslips, tomato plants, sweet peas, herbs, aubretia, erysimum, Kerria, clematis, topiary, phormiums, hellebores, potted tree ferns, hardy ferns, primroses & more.

Some jobs for the garden:
* Pinch out side shoots of sweet pea seedlings.
* Plant native bareroot hedging (last chance)
* Pot up dahlia tubers into pots or if you have a lot then pop them into a shallow tray
* Prune topiary such as box or yew as the weather is mild

Wishing you all the best
Andrew, Liz, Lucy & Simon

P.S. Easter trail starts soon - keep a look on our social media for updates