Weekly newsletter - 12th April 2024

Posted by Lucy on 22nd Apr 2024

News from the nursery:

Spring has definitely sprung, with the plants (& nursery team) enjoying today's warmth. The combination of lots of rain & now some sunshine will mean everything will start growing at a rapid pace (as long as the warmth continues). We have also noticed a lot more activity from some pollinators & pest control insects with the sightings of many species of butterflies, bees & ladybirds ???

From now onwards there will be lots of new stock arriving each week (usually on a Thursday & Friday) so keep a look on our 'New In This Week' to see what is now at the nursery. If you are looking for inspiration for what looks good at the moment then you can visit our 'Looking Good'

page or if you want to know what some of our favourite plants are this week then visit our 'This Week's Favourites' page.

This week's DEEBEE is the variegated pink ficus 'Ruby'...what's a DEEBEE you ask? It's a Daft Bargain...something amazing for a daft price (also it rhymes with FREEEBEE). Ficus are attractive foliage houseplants, with this one having white & pink variegated leaves and intense pinky-orange new growth. Grow in bright indirect light (likes morning light best) and water every one or two weeks (don't let it sit in water).

This week's highlights: Peonies, helianthemum, houseleeks, lavender, herbs, wisteria 'Amethyst falls', ceanothus, grass seed, instant climber, trachelospermums, tulips, perennials & more!

Some jobs for the garden:
* aerate and re-sow lawns
* Feed houseplants and prune off any dead or sad looking leaves
* Leave out food & water for the hedgehogs if you have seen them out and about
* Feed blueberry bushes with ericaceous feed

Wishing you all the best
Andrew, Liz, Lucy & Simon
P.S. Daisy Duck's Easter Hunt has now finished. Thank you for your support ?