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  • Skimmia jap. 'Rubella' sense
    A compact evergreen shrub with large, dark green leaves.   It produces panicles of red buds which add interest to the garden or pot in the winter. These open to fragrant white flowers in spring.  Partial shade Average height & spread 3ft. Hardy.  
    Price: £30.00
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  • Sarcococca confusa (Christmas Box) large
    Common name: Christmas Box, Sweet Box  A dense, bushy suckering shrub with glossy dark green leaves. Clusters of very fragrant white flowers in winter are followed by glossy black fruit in March. Average height 3ft. Partial shade. Hardy.
    Price: £28.00
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  • Acer rubrum 'Brandy Wine' 200-250cm bareroot
    Common name: Red maple A medium-sized tree with an upright habit that has lobed dark green leaves. In the autumn it provides a stunning display of autumn colour with bright red to purple-red leaves that are long-lasting.   Average height 25-35ft.  Full...
    Price: £48.00
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  • Firmiana simplex (Chinese Parasol Tree) - 2ltr
    Common name: Chinese Parasol Tree An unusual medium-size tree that originates from China and is suitable for smaller gardens. It has large handsome leaves and bears showy fragrant flowers from June to July Average height 20-25ft Full sun. Hardy.
    Price: £18.00
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  • Woodwardia fimbriata (Giant Chain Fern) - 3ltr
    Common name: Giant Chain Fern An spectacular evergreen fern which is a feature in any garden all year round. Divided, dark green fronds that can reach up to 5ft tall. Likes a damp spot in shade, cover with mulch over winter. Average height 5ft,...
    Price: £18.00
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  • Hydrangea 'Ruby Annabelle' - 15ltr
    A compact, rounded shrub with glossy dark green leaves. Large round clusters of striking reddish-pink flowers are produced from July to September.  Average height 4ft. Full sun/partial shade. Hardy.
    Price: £55.00
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  • Coprosma - rainbow mix
    Common name: New Zealand laurel A rounded evergreen shrub really striking leaves, in shades of green, gold and orange, turning red later in the season. Makes an excellent year-round foliage plant. Average height 4-5ft, spread 3ft. Full sun/partial...
    Price: £9.50
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  • Gardenia jas. 'Double Diamond'
    Common name: Hardy gardenia An upright, bushy shrub with glossy, deep green leaves. It produces strongly fragrant, white to ivory double flowers from July to September.  Average height 2-3ft Partial shade.  Hardy - may need some winter protection if very...
    Price: £18.00
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  • Daphne 'Perfume Princess'
    An upright evergreen shrub that produces beautifully scented clusters of unusually large light pink flowers that open from deep tinged buds. The blooms are produced in late winter and early spring. Average height and spread 5ft  but slow growing. Partial...
    Price: £25.00
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  • Solanum - Jerusalem Cherry
    Common name: Christmas Cherry A very colourful houseplant grown for its large bright berries which follow small star shaped flowers. Average height & spread 0.5ft  Flowers June to July. Fruits November to February. Bright room with some direct...
    Price: £2.50
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  • Daphne 'Pink Eternal Fragrance' 3L
    An unusual and amazingly long-flowering semi-evergreen Daphne. It produces highly scented, tubular pink flowers from April all the way until October. The foliage is deep green and glossy. Flowers on new growth. Average height and spread 3ft, but slow...
    Price: £24.00
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