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  • Belamcanda chinensis 1ltr pot
    Common name: Blackberry Lily or Leopard Lily Clump-forming short-lived perennial with fans of sword-shaped green leaves. Bears wide opening flowers of bright yellow to orange-red with maroon spots from June to August.  Average height 2-3ft. Full...
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    Narcissi 'Jetfire'
    Clear yellow petals create a starry circle around a striking, frilled orange trumpet. This dramatic variety looks extraordinary when planted in groups. Height: 25cm Flowering period: Late March
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    Now: £1.50
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  • Hydrangea anomala  'Winter Surprise' 3L
    A very exciting form of the climbing hydrangea from a Nepalese seed collection which keeps its leaves to -5c and turns a vivid crimson colour.  The white lacecap flowers are occassionally produced in the spring.  Can also be used as grouncover.  Partial...
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  • Kalmia polifolia
    Common name: Bog Laurel A deciduous shrub with smooth textured foliage. Pink and red flowers appear in Mid spring in loose clusters at branch tips; showy, long stalked, rose-pink, saucer-shaped from May to June.  Average height 1.5-2ft. Full sun/partial...
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  • Viola Tub
    If you have a colour request please pop into the comments section when checking out we will do our best to accomodate your request, unfortunately we can not guarantee a colour.
    Price: £7.50
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  • Hydrangea macro.
    A rounded shrub with glossy, dark green leaves and large white mophead flowers with serrated edges from mid from July to August. Average height 6ft. Full sun/partial shade. Hardy.
    Price: £9.50
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  • Tulip 'Princess Irene'
     A warm coloured orange flower with red flame markings, which has a rich scent. An unusual colour that really stands out Height:35 cm Flowering period:Late April
    Price: £4.00
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  • Paulownia tomentosa (Foxglove tree) - 35ltr
    Common name: Foxglove Tree A broadly columnar tree with hairy bright green leaves that reach up to 25cm in diameter. panicles of pretty pinkish lilac flowers marked yellow inside are borne in spring. Average height 25ft, spread 15ft. Full sun. Hardy.
    Price: £38.00
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  • Fatsia Spider's Web INSTANT
    An evergreen shrub with unique foliage with dapple white patches.  Average height: 2.5m - 8ft Average spread: 2.5m - 8ft Partial shade Frost Hardy  - May need winter protection.
    Price: £45.00
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  • Phyllostachys aurea (Golden Bamboo) 175/200cm (18L)
    Current height 175/200cm Common name: Golden Bamboo, fishpole bamboo A fast-growing bamboo with upright canes that emerge a vibrant green and age to a golden yellow if grown in sun. The bright green, narrow leaves create a beautiful, airy screen...
    Price: £120.00
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  • Echinacea purpurea 1ltr
    Common name: Coneflower An upright perennial with strong stems of large daisy-like flowerheads with a cone-shaped golden brown centre, surrounded by purplish red petals. Flowers from July to September. Loved by bees and insects. Average height 3-4ft...
    Price: £4.50
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  • Rosemary 'Pink' (11cm)
    Rosmarinus officinalis 'Pink' plant in 11cm pot. Common name: Rosemary An aromatic shrub with narrow dark green leave, this variety has pretty, light pink flowers that are loved by bees and other pollinators. Leaves are delicious in stews and...
    Price: £3.50
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