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Grow your own delicious blackberries for crumbles and jams. Many varieties are thornless, making them ideal for growing in the garden.

Soft Fruit available from November to early April

The catalogue of blackberry plants below is our full range that is available from November - early April. We maybe able to get a few more varieties throughout the season, if you would like a particular variety that is not listed below please contact us. 

A smaller variety of potted soft fruit is available during the spring and summer months - please contact us for varieties and prices.






An early fruiting, vigorous,

spine-free blackberry which

produces large, long-

conical fruit with a rich

aromatic flavour.


Average height 6ft. (sim pic)


Fruiting period: July to August


Fruiting period: Mid-August to October.



'Bedford Giant'


An early fruiting,

vigorous blackberry, perfect for

training up a large fence.

Berries are borne in large clusters

from late July to August and have

a delicious sweet flavour.


Average height 7ft, spread 4ft.  

(sim pic)


Fruiting period: July to August



'Black Butte'


An early season blackberry 

that produces very large,

uniform berries with a good

flavour in mid July. It is

vigorous and has a trailing



Average height 6ft, spread 10ft+. 


Fruiting period: July



'Merton Thornless'


A compact but spreading

variety with thornless

canes, ideal for covering a

low fence. Produces

large dark fruit with an

excellent flavour.


Average height 6ft. (sim pic)


Fruiting period: August to September





An excellent blackberry variety

that produces a heavy crop of firm

berries with an delicious flavour

from mid-August to September.

The canes are thorn-free and the

growth is quite compact. 


Fruiting period: Mid-August-September


Position: Full sun / Partial shade