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Pine (Pinus)



Pinus nigra (Austrian Pine or European Black Pine)

Austrian Pine is a tall conifer with a domed habit, and dense, deep green needles. The shoots emerge a dark brown or black, giving it it's name. It produces cones that are a brownish yellow. Excellent planted as a windbreak, or dense evergreen screen. Average eventual height 50ft+. Pine will generally grow on most soil as long as it isn't very wet, and will tolerate windy positions.


Pinus sylvestris (Scot's Pine)

Scots Pine is is one of the few native British conifers. It is a tall conical to columnar, evergreen conifer with blue-green, twisted needles and green cones that ripen to brown. The bark takes on a deep orangey tint on the upper branches and trunk. Average eventual height 30-50ft.  Attractive grown as specimen or as a shade tree.



 Bundles of 10 plants are available below. For large quantities and local deliveries please contact us before purchase so we can ensure you get the bulk price and are not overcharged on delivery. Quantities of under 10 plants can only be purchased in person at the nursery.