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Bunkers Hill Bamboo Emporium

We have a wide range of Bamboo plants at our Oxfordshire Nursery including some very unusual, dwarf and variegated varieties. Bamboo is an excellent for making an airy screen or for creating an exotic jungle-style garden. There are many different varieties of Bamboo, some dwarf varieties that can be kept at a low height of 3ft, while some varieties will grow up to 30ft.


       bambooo2.jpg  fargesia-murieliae-simba-22.jpg  dsc05215.jpg

The most popular kind of bamboo is Phyllostachys, the favourites being aurea, which has golden stems and nigra, which has stunning shiny black stems. We stock many of these throughout the year (as well as more unusual types) in a range of sizes, a sample of which are listed below.


Delivery: Our bamboos are listed for local delivery or collection. However if you are after several we may be able to offer pallet delivery further afield. Please contact us for details.

The catalogue below is a sample of varieties and sizes we stock throughout the year and is subject to availability. Please call ahead if travelling from afar