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Welcome to our Flower Shop at Bunkers Hill near Oxford

At the nursery we have our Flower Shop situated in what was the orignial garage for the1930s house where Banksiae, our holiday apartment, is located. In our Flower Shop you will find handmade recycled glass vases, greeting cards by local photographer, garden twine by Twool and a selection of glazed pots for your houseplants. 


We stock English or home-grown flowers during the spring & summer with delights such as daffodils, tulips, peonies, dahlias, sweet peas, sunflowers & more! Pop into the Flower Shop to see what is looking pretty each week (availability not guarenteed).


Traditionally we have stocked flowers throughout the year from Holland, however this leads to a fair amount of wastage due to the unpreditability of customer's shopping habits as well as factors like the weather. Instead we have chosen to focus English/home-grown flowers throughout the year & then 'big events' such as Valentine's Day, Mother's Day & Christmas where we will have our usual selection of bouquets which will be available to pre-order online or over the phone. 


For our bouquets & flower selection we will be using kraft paper & raffia rather than cellophane to ensure they are eco-friendly.


If you have a wedding or special event & you are looking for a supplier for the flowers then please email and Lucy can advise on ordering these in for you.


We hope you understand & appreciate your support over the years. 




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