Photinia 'Red Robin'


Bareroot hedging available November - March

Photina 'Red Robin'

Photinia Red Robin is an extremely popular evergreen shrub that can be grown effectively as a hedge is trimmed regularly. The large glossy new leaves emerge a bright red in spring and retain the red colour throughout the summer. Clusters of small white flowers are produced in late spring/early summer if not pruned every year. Can be planted as specimen shrub or clipped into a hedge where it can easily be kept to your desired height. Average height 12ft (if left un-pruned).


We keep a selection of sizes of rootballed hedging in stock from November to March, however please be aware when placing your order that there may be a wait of up to 2 weeks before delivery/collection as your plants may have to be freshly lifted to order if we don't have the required quantity in stock.

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