Soft Fruit plants


We are pleased to offer a large selection of soft fruit at the nursery including raspberries, blackberries, hybrid berries, currants, strawberries, gooseberries, rhubarb, blueberries & grapes in the autumn/winter. We also sell Asparagus crowns in March. 


November to March:

We have an extensive range of bareroot soft fruit plants, which are available to buy in the nursery, for click & collect, local delivery AND nationwide delivery! 


April to October:

We have a slightly smaller range of potted soft fruit plants. These are available to buy in the nursery, for click & collect and local delivery. Unfortunately we cannot offer nationwide delivery for potted plants.

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  • Blackberry 'Mont Blanc'
    Common name: Blackberry An easy to grow variety that bears fruit on this year's growth.  It produces very large fruit in mid-August.  Compact variety that can be grown in a pot.  Cut down in winter after fruiting.  Self-fertile...
    Price: £9.50
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  • Punica gran. 'Pompommy'
    Common name: Pomegranate A dwarf pomegranate plant that can be grown in the ground or pots.  It produces bright orange flowers throughout the summer which develop into little pomegranate fruits.  Evergreen in warm climates Full sun Prune in early...
    Price: £18.00
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  • Vaccinium 'Emblue' (Blueberry) (30L)
    Common name: Blueberry A variety with large sweet blue-black berries in July to August that are produced in abundant clusters. Average height and spread 5-6ft.   Acid loving - add ericaceous compost. Full sun/partial shade. Hardy.
    Price: £55.00
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  • Actinidia arguta 'Geneva' & 'Weikii' (mini kiwi)
    Common name: Mini kiwi Two mini kiwis in one pot! Kiwis are vigorous, deciduous, twinning climber with simple ovate leaves.  They produce small cup-shaped flowers followed by small edible fruits.  Best grown on a south-facing wall to produce fruit      
    Price: £19.00
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  • Vaccinium 'Pink Lemonade' (blueberry)
    Common name: BlueberryA unique, self-fertile, late-fruiting variety with leaves that turn orange-red in autumn providing a long season of interest. It produces pretty, bell-shaped white flowers, tinged with pink in spring. It produces berries in...
    Price: £19.00
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  • Currant Selection - 3 plants (Bareroot)
    Currant Selection - 3 bareroot plants   Ben Sarek A very high yielding blackcurrant that produces large, good flavoured fruit, which are easy to pick, in mid-July. Bushes are compact and mildew resistant. Average height 3-4ft.  White...
    Price: £21.00
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