Blackthorn (Prunus spinosa)


Bareroot hedging available November - March

Prunus spinosa (Blackthorn or Sloe)

Blackthorn is a bushy, spiny plant with deep green leaves that turn attractive shades of burnt orange in autumn. Masses of white blossom is produced in late winter, followed by blue-black fruits which can be made into 'sloe gin'. Forms a thick, thorny, medium to tall hedge. Average height 6-15ft (prune to desired height). Blackthorn grows well on most soils - ideal for chalk or clay


 Bundles of 25 plants are available below. For large quantities and local deliveries please contact us before purchase so we can ensure you get the bulk price and are not overcharged on delivery. Quantities of under 25 plants can only be purchased in person at the nursery.

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