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Alder (Alnus)


Bareroot hedging available November - March

We have a smaller selection of potted hedging available over the spring and summer

Alnus glutinosa (Common Alder)

Alnus glutinosa, or common Alder, is a native British tree with a conical shape and glossy dark green leaves, which remain green well into autumn. Male catkins are produced before the leaves from January to March. It is ideal for creating a tall hedge or a windbreak and thrives in damp soil conditions, although it will also tolerate dry sites. Can be regularly pruned to create a hedge 6ft+ tall, or will reach an average height of 40ft+ if grown as a tree.

Alnus incarna (Grey Alder)

Alnus incarna (Grey Alder) has pointed leaves with attractive, soft grey undersides. Like Alnus glutinosa, Catkins are produced on the bare branches before the leaves. Grey Alder tolerates damp soils and atmospheric pollution, making it ideal for urban situations. Height as above.

Alnus cordata (Italian Alder)

Italian Alder is a handsome conical tree, with glossy heart-shaped dark green leaves. The catkins are longer than on common and grey alder. The catkins are followed by decorative cone-like fruits that persist into winter. Slightly taller than the two species above


We don't keep Alnus hedging in stock at the nursery, however it may be available to order in quantities of 100 or more. Please contact us for details



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