Rose (Rosa)


Bareroot hedging available November - March

Rosa (Wild Roses)

Wild roses are good for planting as part of an informal or mixed native hedge. They are fast growing shrubs that bear single blooms in summer followed by bright red hips - attractive to small birds and other wildlife. These roses will grow on most soils (but avoid very wet conditions) and will reach an eventual height of up to 8ft. Hedging roses are good for creating a thorny, dense barrier that has the benefit of bearing very pretty flowers and berries. We stock three varieties of hedging rose:

Rosa canina (Dog Rose)

A native rose that produces pretty single, white or pink, scented flowers from June to July, followed by red hips. It has a scrambling habit, and is particularly effective when planted among other native hedging plants. 

Rosa rugosa and Rosa rugosa 'Alba' (Hedgehog Rose)

A dense growing rose with dark green 'crinkled' leaves. The scented,single dark pink flowers are borne in summer followed by very large red rose hips. It has a long flowering period. Rosa rugosa 'Alba' is the same plant but with white flowers.



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