Buckthorn (Frangula and Rhamnus)


Frangula alnus (Alder Buckthorn)
Alder buckthorn is closely related to common buckthorn but is actually thornless. It is a large native shrub with small star shaped flowers, followed by glossy black berries. The leaves are smooth edged. An excellent addition to a native hedge. Alder Buckthorn likes damp soils
Rhamnus cathartica (Buckthorn)
Rhamnus cathartica, or Common Buckthorn is a dense, thicket-forming, spiny plant with dark green leaves which turn yellow in autumn. In late spring, small yellow flowers are produced, that are popular with butterflies. Masses of shiny, spherical red fruit are produced in autumn. Forms a thick, thorny hedge which is best if kept to a height of around 7ft, or if planted as a small specimen tree, buckthorn will reach a height of around 15ft. Good for chalky soils.
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