Willow (Salix)


Bareroot hedging available November - March

Salix (Willow)

Salix are fast-growing trees or multi-stemmed shrubs with distinctive narrow leaves. Many varieties have brightly coloured young stems and decorative catkins, and make attractive screens. Willow thrives in damp soil and is excellent for waterside locations. It is often coppiced (pruned hard back each year) to keep it at a small size and to encourage the new young shots, and can also be used to create living willow arches and structures. Average height if pruned regularly: 6-10ft.
Salix alba 'Chermesina' (Scarlet Willow) - is a striking, fast-growing, male plant with vivid-red young winter shoots, that are encouraged by regular pruning. It produces small yellow catkins from March to May, with the leaves. Average height if left unpruned 30ft+
Salix alba var. vitellina (Golden Willow) - is a popular willow that has bright yellow young stems, and narrow green leaves. Small yellow catkins are borne in early spring. Average height if left unpruned 35ft+



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