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Cherry (Prunus)


Bareroot hedging available November - March

Prunus padus (Bird Cherry)

Prunus padus, known as bird cherry is a native deciduous tree with reddish-brown bark. It produces racemes of beautiful white spring blossom in April-May, followed by bitter dark red cherries that can be used in cooking or left for the birds to feast upon. The leaves take on rich autumn colours. Bird cherry can be grown as a hedge (prune in summer), or a specimen tree, where it will reach an eventual height of 30ft. Tolerant of most soils, including dry conditions.


Prunus avium (Wild Cherry)

Prunus avium is another species of wild cherry, similar to Prunus padus, but bearing lighter red fruits slightly earlier in the season. The clouds of blossom, in loose clusters, create a wonderful spring display. Sizes as above


 Available to order in quantities of 50 or more (not kept in stock). Please contact us for prices