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BULK COMPOST & BARK - pallets of bags / loose bales


There is pressure on the horticultural industry to step-away from selling peat-based composts which are destroying the peatlands in the UK. By 2024, the sale of peat-based composts will be banned, however we are no longer selling them instead stocking peat-free alternatives. 

Our compost range is ever-expanding and now includes the Melcourt range of peat-free compost (endorsed by the RHS) and Dalefoot wool compost. For the Humax range we have discontinued the peat-based types and now stock the peat-reduced mulitpurpose Humax. 

We also have several types of bark for mulching and decorative purposes.

At the nursery you also have the option to Shovel It Yourself (S.I.Y). Bring your own bags and shovel sylvagrow peat-free (£1.50 per 10L) or ericaceous compost (£1.70 per 10L) and SAVE MONEY & plastic wastage. 


Why go peat-free?

The UK peatlands store a huge amount of carbon, more so than our forests. Digging up the peat to use for compost production releases this carbon into the atmosphere which is driving the climate crisis. By banning the sale of peat and restoring the peatlands and forests there is hope to reduce the global warming and increase biodiversity. Peatlands store carbon, stop flooding and provide a rich habitat. 


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