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From November to March we have an extensive range of bareroot soft fruit plants, which are available to buy in the nursery, and for click & collect, local delivery AND nationwide delivery!


From April to October we have a slightly smaller range of potted soft fruit plants. These are available to buy in the nursery, for click & collect and local delivery. Unfortunately we cannot offer nationwide delivery for potted plants.

 We still have a small selection of raspberry canes available to purchase in the nursery but have have taken them offline as stock changes so quickly.

Below is our full range available form November to March:


‘All Gold’


An autumn-fruiting yellow raspberry with a delicious flavour, even sweeter than red varieties, and a long fruiting period. Delicious fresh, in smoothies or cakes

Fruiting: Mid-August to October.


‘Autumn Bliss’


An autumn fruiting raspberry that requires no support and produces outstanding, sweet fruit. A tried and tested variety.


Fruiting: Mid-August to October. 


‘Cascade Delight’


A heavy-cropping, summer fruiting raspberry with vigorous growth that produces masses of firm, sweet fruit. Can withstand wet conditions well.


Fruiting period: June to August


'Glen Ample'


summer fruiting, spine-free raspberry. Produces masses of large deep red fleshy fruits with a superb flavour.


Fruiting: June to August


'Glen Doll'


A heavy cropping summer-fruiting raspberry that produces bright, rounded fruits. The strong canes are spine-free. Delicious eaten fresh or in desserts. (sim pic)

Fruiting: July- August


 'Glen Fyne'

Raspberry 'Glen Fyne'

A summer fruiting raspberry that bears firm berries with a delicious flavour and shelf life. A particularly high yielding variety. The canes are spine-free. Grows well in part shade 

Fruiting: July to September 


'Glen Lyon’


An early season summer-fruiting raspberry that bears an excellent crop of bright berries with a traditional, slight tart raspberry-flavour. This is one of the most popular varieties grown in Spain and imported to the UK to eat.

Fruiting: Early Summer


 'Glen Magna'

Image 1

A summer fruiting raspberry that produces an abundance of fruit. The upright canes have minimum spines which makes fruit picking pain-free. 



Fruiting: July - August 


'Joan J’


An exceptional autumn-fruiting raspberry thatbears large berries with a superb flavour. The canes are spine-free and produce a heavy crop. 


Fruiting: Early August to first frosts


'Malling Admiral’


summer-fruiting raspberry that produces exceptional large, sweet, dark red fruit. Good in shade and good disease resistance. 


Fruiting: Mid-July - Mid-August


'Malling Leo' 

Image 1 

 An autumn fruiting variety producing large fruits which have a great aromatic flavour. The berries are an orange-red colour. Full Sun 


Fruiting:  Late July to first frosts 




An autumn-fruiting variety that is one of the best heavy-cropping varieties, producing an amazing crop of large sweet fruit that is dark red.


Fruiting: Late July to first frosts 




A late summer-fruiting raspberry with few spines that produces glossy red fruit over a long period that are firm and delicious. This variety has good resistance to Botrytis. 


Fruiting: Mid-July to Mid-August



Image 1

Autumn fruiting. Produces fruit on the first years growth. Large attractive dark red fruit with a superb flavour. Fruits in late summer early autumn.



Fruiting: September - October



Image 1

Summer fruiting. A late summer-fruiting raspberry with vigorous, upright growth. Produces an abundance of large, rosy-red fruits with an excellently sweet flavour from late July - mid-August.


Fruiting: July - August