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Tree Ferns

Bunkers Hill Tree Fern Emporium

Tree ferns (Dicksonia antarctica) are impressive, hardy plants with elegant, spreading fronds, creating an eye-catching display. They are native to Australia and Tasmania and grow happily in our climate at the rate of roughly 1 inch per year as long as they have some winter fleece protection. Also known as the 'Tree Fern Emporium' our range of tree ferns is one of the biggest in Oxfordshire, from small 'potter' size plants up to 7ft specimens.

                            tree-fern-view-square.jpg  tree-fern-view3-square.jpg 

Above: Views of the tree ferns at Bunkers Hill during summer.

During the spring and summer months, we have a great collection of tree ferns, with sizes starting at 1ft. There is a standard and premium grade (premium ferns have a thicker trunk and more fronds appearing), with prices starting at £30 per foot. The majority of sizes available during the summer are listed at the bottom of the page.

tree-fern-standard3-135.jpg dsc03922.jpg tree-fern-view2.jpg

Delivery Information:

Small tree ferns:  Our 1ft and 2ft Tree Ferns can be delivered nationwide via ParcelForce, subject to availability. To avoid damaging the delicate fronds we prefer to post these during spring rather than summer and autumn.

Large Tree Ferns: 3ft or larger tree ferns can be delivered using a pallet service with prices for delivery starting at around £40.  Please contact us for an exact quote for your address.

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