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    Ficus (Weeping Fig) 'Benjamina Variegated' Houseplant
    OFFER £10 £5 Common name: Weeping Fig A very handsome foliage plant with glossy, leathery green and white variegated leaves tapering to a twisted point. Average eventual height 3m.  Bright room away from direct sunlight. Min temp...
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  • Coreopsis (mixed varieties)
    OFFER 3 FOR £15 Common name: Tickseed A compact perennial, with narrow mid-green leaves. It produces large flowers throughout summer in a mix of yellow and bronze shades. Long-flowering and loved by pollinators.  Easy to grow and ideal...
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  • Helenium (Mix)
    3 FOR £11 Common name:  Sneezeweed A compact variety that is densely packed with bright daisy-like flowers in rich golden yellow shades from July/August until October. Attractive to pollinators. Perfect for pots or the front/middle of the border. Average...
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  • Cosmos astrosanguineus 'choco' (chocolate cosmos)
    Common name: Chocolate Cosmos A striking perennial producing cup-shaped, maroon flowerheads, with a deliciously chocolatey scent, from July to September. Average height 3ft, spread 1.5ft. Full sun. Semi-hardy (may need some protection)
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    Foxglove (Digitalis) mix
    OFFER £8.50 £7 Common name: Foxglove A perennial with dark green leaves. One sided tall spikes of purple, pink or white flowers, attractively spotted with maroon or purple inside are borne from April to June. Average height 3-5ft. Partial...
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  • Lavender 'Hidcote' (small)
    Common name: English Lavender A compact bushy shrub with aromatic, narrow silvery grey leaves. Spikes of dark purple scented flowers on upright stems are produced from July to August. An excellent variety, perfect for hedges. Average height 1.5-2ft...
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    Balloon Plant - Platycodon
    Common name: Balloon Flower A compact clump-forming perennial with bluish green leaves. Clusters of purple-blue balloon-like buds open to cup shaped flowers from July to August.  Average height 1ft, Average spread 1.5ft.   Full sun/partial...
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