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Jack's Beans


Jack's Bean (Cherokee Trail of Tears)

We are giving away some special bean plants to our customers at the nursery this July. These beans have a story to tell...


This heritage varieties' story goes back to 1838 when the Cherokee and other tribes were driven from their homeland to make way for settlers (please see Wikipedia for more of this sad but true story). Thousands died along the way hence the name 'Trail of Tears'. These beans survive from that time and have become a heritage variety that is well worth growing.


Our son Jack grew this bean on his allotment and picked the harvest during his last winter. He carefully shelled and dried the beans and stored them in a box to grow in the spring.

                       jack-s-bean-growing.jpg             jack-s-beans-harvested.jpg            jack-s-beans-heart.jpg           

                         Jack's bean thriving                           After harvesting                            The shiny black seeds  

Tragically Jack, although looking to the future, became unwell and sadly died in March 2017 following a short period of mental illness. We planted the box of over 300 black shiny beans shortly afterwards. Incredibly only one single bean germinated and we grew it in a big pot on our patio. We took lots of care to make sure it thrived and wasn't attacked by slugs and pests.

       jack-s-beans-planted.jpg            jack-s-beans-growing.jpg            jack2.jpg

                                               Planting the beans                              Germination!                                   Jack and Elsa


Last Autumn we had a huge crop, which we again dried and stored in order to grow another generation of beans.

We hope that you will enjoy growing Jack's Bean and making some delicious meals for your family,  then next year give some to your friends to grow as well. We hope that Jack's Beans will in a small way raise awareness of mental illness and help make a kind and compassionate world


Please support our fundraising for Mind and Restore if you are able (see below)


With Kindest regards,

Andrew, Liz, Lucy and Simon


Thames Path Challenge 2018

Last year Liz and Simon took part in the Thames Path challenge in memory of Jack, our wonderful son. With your kind support and donations we managed to raise a staggering £3,977.29 for MIND.

This year we have decided to take on the challenge once again, however this time we would love for you to join us and become part of our team.


                                           thames-path-challenge-pic10.jpg     thames-path-challenge-pic3-cropped.jpg     thames-path-challenge-pic11.jpg     thames-path-challenge-pic4.jpg

Pictures from 2017 Thames Path Challenge


 We Need You!

The event takes place on Saturday 8th September. Our team is open to any family, friends, employees & customers who wish to join us in walking either 28km (third Quarter) or 50km (second half). These distances both start from the same point.


To join and walk with our team: CLICK HERE  and follow the instructions to register.  Enter the team name 'Make a Smile'. The password for our team is Bunkershill2018 


To donate: CLICK HERE to go to Jack's Memory Space where you can make a donation or sponsor the team. 100% of the donations made through the Memory Space go directly to Mind


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