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Bulbs available from September - November

These tall, statuesque tulips have very strong stems which keep them stable during wind and rain. They are one of the latest variety of tulips to flower, with blooms often appearing in late May. Many colours are available and they look best in large numbers.


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  • Tulip Dordogne BULK - 100 or 250 bulbs
    100 or 250 Bulbs. A striking tulip that originated as a mutation of 'Menton'. The large flowers display a mix of pink and apricot shades and are held on tall stems. Bulb Size (circumference): 10 - 11 cm Height: 60 cm Flowering period: Mid May
    Price: £23.25 - £44.50
    Out of stock
  • Tulip 'Queen of the Night' BULK - 100 or 250 bulbs
    100 or 250 bulbs. The most majestic and distinctive tulip. The deep maroon, almost black flowers are held on impressively tall stems, and make an impact wherever they are planted. Bulb Size: 10 - 11cm Height: 60 cm Flowering period: Mid...
    Price: £27.25 - £52.75
    Out of stock
  • Tulip Shirley
    100 or 250 Bulbs. An ivory white tulip with subtle purple edged petals. Looks stunning planted with deep coloured purple tulips.   Bulb Size (circumference): 10 - 11 cm Height: 55 cm Flowering period: Early May
    Price: £26.00 - £50.00
    Out of stock
  • 'Bleu Aimable' Tulips
    100 or 250 Bulbs.This early variety has striking mauve/blue flowers. This is an old variety, very popular for its unusual colour and robust, neat flowerheads. (Sim pic). Bulb Size (circumference): 10 - 11 cm Height:45 cm Flowering period: May
    Price: £30.00 - £58.25
    Out of stock
  • Tulip Dreaming Maid
    100 or 250 bulbs. Large violet edged flowerheads edged with white. Plant with white tulips to make a brilliant, classic display.   Bulb Size (circumference): 10 - 11 cm Height: 55 cm  Flowering period: Late April
    Price: £23.25 - £44.50
    Out of stock
  • Tulip Pink Diamond
    100 or 250 Bulbs.The blooms have phlox-pink interiors, with a soft pink on the outside of the petals. This is an elegant tulip that looks great alone or amongst a scattering of deep purple coloured tulips. (sim pic)   Bulb Size...
    Price: £27.25 - £54.75
    Out of stock
  • Tulip Kingsblood
    100 or 250 Bulbs. Tall exuberantly coloured cherry red blooms with scarlet edges. Looks great planted in swathes for a flash of colour. Bulb Size (circumference):  10 - 11 cm Height: 60 cm Flowering period: Mid May
    Price: £23.25 - £44.50
    Out of stock
  • Tulip Atlantis
    100 or 250 Bulbs. These unusually coloured tulips are a dusky purple, edged with pure white. The flowers are elegantly shaped and unusually large, and are held atop sturdy stems. (sim pic) Bulb Size (circumference): 10 - 11 cm Height: 40...
    Price: £23.25 - £44.50
    Out of stock