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All Fan Trained & Espalier Fruit Trees

 Fan-trained and espalier Bareroot Fruit Trees

All of our fan trained fruit trees are available as bare-rooted, 2yr old trees that have been pruned and trained onto a framework. At present, they are approximately 4ft tall and 3ft wide. Fan-trained trees are perfect for small gardens where space is limited, as they require training on horizontal wires on a fence or wall. Our fan trained peaches and nectarines are 2yr old trees grown on St Julian A rootstock which is semi-dwarfing, so the trees will reach an eventual height of 10-15ft.

The catalogue of trees below is our full range which is available from November - April. A smaller selection of potted trees are available over the summer

Please note: Due to their awkward shape, our fan-trained trees are available for collection or local delivery only.