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Fan-Trained & Espalier Apples


 Fan-trained and Espalier Apple Trees

All of our fan trained fruit trees are available as bare-rooted, 2yr old trees that have been pruned and trained onto a framework. At present, they are approximately 4ft tall and 3ft wide and are perfect for small gardens where space is limited. Our fan trained apples are 2yr old trees,  grown on MM106 rootstock which is semi-dwarfing.

 Espaliers are even more versatile than fan trained trees as they can be trained on horizontal wires to create 'walls' between different sections of the garden, or trained against a wall. Our 2-tier Espaliers are on Quince A rootstock


The catalogue below is our full bareroot range available from November to early April.

Over the spring and summer we have a smaller selection of potted fruit trees in stock, but still at excellent value prices. Please contact us for availability and ordering.

Please note: Due to their awkward shape, our fan-trained & espalier trees are available for collection or local delivery only.