Ligustrum vulgare (Wild Privet) 20-30cm - potted

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Product Description

 Wild privet has more pointed leaves, larger flowers and a slightly more compact habit than regular privet. It is an excellent choice for planting as part of a mixed native hedge or on it's own. It is hardy and grown well on most soils except very wet. Privet is excellent for formal hedges as it can be clipped regularly into sharp shapes to create a lush, dense hedge (prune twice a year in late spring and mid summer). Alternatively it can be left to grow into a more informal shape, where it will flower and fruit freely. Grows well on any well-drained soil. Prune to desire height, between 2-10ft. Can also be planted interspersed with Green privet.


Recommended planting distance: 1ft (30cm) apart

Hardiness: Fully Hardy

Suitable for: Single species evergreen hedge, formal or informal, part of a mixed native hedge

Features: Evergreen, easy to trim and shape, flowers if not trimmed every year

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