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Plums, Gages and Damsons


Plum, Gage and Damson Trees

The catalogue below is our full bareroot range of apple trees that are available from November-April. Over the spring and summer we have a smaller selection of potted trees in stock.

Plums are an amazingly versatile fruit - delicious eaten straight from the tree, made into jams, compotes, dried or even used to flavour gins and vodka. They often produce bumper crops, and the flavour, and sheer choice of types, is far superior to shop bought fruits. Browse the categories below to select the perfect plum - whether for a rambling orchard or a town house patio.

Click on the categories below to select your perfect tree:


Oullin's Golden Gage

1yr Feathered


Denniston's Superb

2/3yr old Plums


Early Rivers

Dwarf Plums



Fan-trained Plums