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2/3yr old Plums

 2/3yr old Bareroot Plums, Gages and Damson Trees

Our 2/3yr old plum, gage and damson trees currently stand at 6-8ft tall and are grown on St Julian A rootstock. Trees grown on St Julian A, which is semi-dwarfing, will reach an eventual height of 10-15ft. They can easily be kept at a smaller size with regular pruning, so are perfect for most average sized gardens.


The catalogue below is our full bareroot range of bareoot trees that are available from November-April. Over the spring and summer we have a smaller selection of potted trees in stock.



Below you will see a range of 2/3 yr fruit trees which we often stock in the nursery, unfortunately these cannot be purchased through the website but please give us a call if you are interested in purchasing one.


Due to the size of these trees we are unable to post them however we may be able to offer local delivery.